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4 Ways Through Which Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets Are Transforming the Medical Industry

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The use of rare earth magnets in the medical industry is on the rise. Equipment like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) rely heavily on neodymium magnets. This post discusses the impact of rare earth neodymium magnets on the medical sphere.

Permanent magnets have higher potency and can attract different types of ferromagnetic elements. For that reason, these magnets are helpful during surgical operations since medical practitioners use them to pull out foreign metallic elements from the afflicted patient. For example, when patients accidentally swallow magnetic objects or metallic bits find their way into their eyes. Read on to learn about four other uses of rare earth neodymium magnets in the medical industry. 

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Biological and abiotic agents are the prime causes of inflammation in patients. Agents like bacteria, viruses and parasites make up the biological causes of inflammation, while high temperature, hypothermia and toxicity can be classified as abiotic agents. These two types of inflammations can be treated by magnetic therapy. The use of neodymium magnets helps improve blood flow, enhances tissue permeability and promotes nutrient absorption. Additionally, it can strengthen immunity by white blood cell activation. 

Suppressing Hypertension and Excess Lipids 

Another way rare earth neodymium magnets transform the medical field is by boosting the inhibition processes in the cerebral cortex. They help regulate autonomic nerves, rejuvenate the microcirculation process and lower blood pressure in the body.

Furthermore, potent magnetic fields help shorten the long cholesterol chain into a simplified polycrystalline process. Efficient red blood cell circulation helps cholesterol to settle quickly on the walls of blood vessels. Consequently, this process speeds up cholesterol removal and minimises excess lipids from the bloodstream. 

Medical Analgesia

Magnetic therapy plays a vital role in medical analgesia. It helps promote blood tissue nutrition, which helps prevent hypoxia-related pain, exudation and inflammation. The potent magnetic fields in neodymium magnets enhance the painkiller hydrolase process, which effectively helps relieve pain. Furthermore, it helps in collateral stimulation and reduces terminal nerve excitability through nerve reflex. That, in turn, helps achieve the analgesic effect for patients. 

Effective Tumour Inhibitor

Magnetic therapy is also an effective inhibitor of malignant and benign tumours. Advanced conditions like lipoma can be treated quickly using magnetic therapy. Additionally, it is helpful for other tumour conditions, including lymphoma and liver cancer. Magnetic therapy can help relieve underlying symptoms, inhibit tumour growth and shrink them quickly. 


There is so much that rare earth neodymium magnets have to offer to the medical industry. Their advantages have helped transform the course of treatment and recovery periods for patients.