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2 Tips For Business Owners Who'll Be Having Part Of Their Premises Demolished

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Here are a couple of tips for business owners who'll be having a part of their premises demolished.

They should consider how they'll protect their inventory that will be near the demolition site

In this situation, the business owner may have quite a lot of inventory stowed in the area of the premises that won't be demolished. If they do, they'll need to think about how they'll protect it during the demolition work. They should not assume that, for example, keeping the door to the area in which this inventory is located will prevent it from getting covered in dust from the demolition, or prevent it from getting broken.

The reason for this is that demolition work usually results in a great deal of dust getting into the air, and these airborne particles will seep through even the smallest of gaps in doors, windows and vents, and settle on any objects within the rooms they get into. Additionally, the demolition of a sizable structure may cause the contents of adjacent buildings to rattle. As such, if there is inventory nearby that is made of fragile materials, this movement might cause them to fall off their shelves.

With this in mind, business owners who'll be having demolition work carried out must prepare for it so they can protect their inventory from harm. They might want to temporarily store their equipment and stock elsewhere or they might need to remove their inventory from their shelves (from which it could fall during the demolition) and store in it airtight containers on the floor, so it won't fall over or get covered in dust.

They should not plan to re-open the delay after the demolition work

Business owners in this situation should not assume that they'll be able to reopen the day after the demolition work. The reason for this is that firstly, although the demolition team may clear up the rubble created by this process, there may still be a lot of dust on the property that the owner might need to have removed by their cleaning team. This could take many hours if the premises are large.

Secondly, if the business owner makes a mistake when preparing for the demolition, they may need some extra time to get their premises ready for use. For example, if they forget to take down the framed artwork from the walls of their adjacent building before the demolition, and this artwork falls off the walls and the glass frames shatter due to the vibrations generated by the demolition, they and their staff may have to spend time tidying up this mess before they can safely reopen. As such, in these circumstances, business owners should give themselves a few days to get their premises in order before they open them up again.

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