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3 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Garden Shed

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The contents of your garden shed could add up to a tidy sum. If you keep your mower, tools, bikes and outdoor furniture in there, then the shed is an attractive option for burglars. Sheds are also often far enough away from your home to make a break-in less obvious.

Your home insurance may cover theft from your garden shed but only if you take steps to make it secure. The following tips will help you protect what's in there.

1. Use a Strong Lock

If your shed doesn't have a built-in lock, then you need to find a way to secure the door. A lot of people use a padlock for this.

While a padlock does a basic job, it won't do much to keep a burglar at bay. They can use a crowbar to pull the padlock off the lock. Bolt cutters cut through these locks easily and quietly.

It's better to install a more secure lock on the shed door. For example, you could put on a cylinder lock or a locking bolt, both of which are harder to remove. Or, you could simply have a lock put in the door itself.

2. Shut Down Window Access

Even if you have a strong lock on your shed, its windows can give easy access. It doesn't take much to break or cut out a window. That space then lets someone in the shed.

You can cut off these access points by putting up security mesh or screens. Anything that protects a window and makes it harder to break will deter an intruder. They like quick in-and-out jobs that don't take up any time or make much noise.

3. Install a Sensor Light

Once night falls, your shed loses visibility even if it is close to your home. The shed is in a dark area that probably doesn't get a lot of light at night when you close your curtains or blinds.

Burglars like to work in the dark; it reduces their chances of being noticed. To make things harder for them, think about putting a motion sensor light over your shed door.

This light will come on when anyone approaches the shed. It could be enough to startle off an intruder.

If you keep valuables in your shed and need to keep it secure, then contact local locksmith services providers. They can help you choose and fit locks and other security features you want to add to your shed.

Hire locksmith services from professionals to help you with these upgrades.