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Will Palmetto Turf Be Ideal For You Family's Yard?

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While having a yard is a luxury that most homeowners want for their growing family, bare soil is not only unattractive but also unappealing to spend time on. So you are probably in the market for the right grass to plant in your yard to make it enjoyable for you to entertain and your kids to play. However, selecting turf is not as basic as choosing the cheapest seeds. The wrong grass will be challenging to maintain since you will have to engage in continual micromanagement. Instead, you need to factor in the durability of the grass species as well as its visual appeal. And one species that will not disappoint you is palmetto turf. This piece highlights three ways palmetto turf will prove to be ideal for your family's yard.

Guaranteed comfort underfoot

If your memories of grass are mostly of scratchy blades at the bottom of your feet, you definitely have not come across palmetto turf. If you want to enjoy idyllic afternoons napping on the grass or your kids plays barefoot outdoors, then you should opt for a turf species like palmetto turf for your lawn. The blades of grass are incredibly soft, which not only means comfort but also prevents any injuries more so on soft baby feet. The softness of the grass comes about from its smooth blades, so you never have to worry about the turf become jagged after a while.

Resistant to weed invasions

A good number for grass species are incapable of fighting back against weeds since their roof networks are not extensive. Therefore, you find you have to uproot the weeds in your yard routinely, which can prove tiresome. Palmetto turf, conversely, has a dense root network that is extensive, too. Thus, one the palmetto has become established, its roots do not leave room for any weeds to thrive, so you do not have to worry about an invasion.

Resilient all year round

As aforementioned, some people associate natural grass with intensive maintenance as some species will succumb to yellowing and dying out if they are not accorded specific conditions. For instance, some types of natural grass do not thrive when exposed to direct sunlight, which can prove to be a burden if your location is primarily sunny. On the other hand, some species require constant watering, and this translates into enormous utility bills. If you are looking for resilience without hands-on maintenance, then you should invest in palmetto turf. Although palmetto grass does need hydration to remain lush, it does not need constant watering to prevent it from wilting. The second reason why palmetto turf is resilient is that it can thrive in virtually any conditions so it is ideal for your yard, regardless of your location.

To learn more about palmetto turf, consult a resource in your area.