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How to Complete the Perfect Metal Fabrication

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When you need a part created for your new product, then there are two questions you will need to address.

  • Who will carry out the metal fabrication?
  • Which metal should you use for the component?

How can you choose the right company?

Picking the right metal fabrication company is all about technical competence. You should look for a company that has the ability to carry out the work to a high standard. Ask prospective metal fabrication companies about their experience working with your chosen metal and creating components similar to yours. Find out which machinery they propose to use and what their delivery schedule will be.

How can you choose the right metal?

While picking a fabrication company can be about experience and knowledge, when it comes to finding the right metal for your purposes, you will need to be much more interested in the technical properties of each of the metals you could use and which processes must be applied to that metal. While you could choose almost any metal for your purposes, in most cases, you will want to limit your search to commonly used metals such as steel, copper and aluminium. Factors which you will want to bear in mind include the strength and hardness of the metal. along with its conductivity and resistance to corrosion. There will inevitably have to be some compromises to be made as you consider what your ideal metal will look like. Here are four common metals which you could choose, along with their various characteristics.

Carbon steel 

Carbon steel can be produced to a variety of hardnesses depending on the amount of carbon included. The important consideration with carbon steel is that while the strength of the metal increases as more carbon is added, the malleability, ductility and the melting point of the metal will all get lower.


If you are seeking a metal to conduct electricity, then copper is always going to be your first choice. Widely used in all industrial sectors, copper is both tough and malleable. It is also corrosion-resistant in many environments.


If your metal fabrication requires a metal which is stronger than copper then why not consider bronze? Bronze is not only heavier than steel, but it also has a low melting point, making it easier to work with.


If you need a metal which is durable and lightweight, then aluminium could be a perfect choice. It has good conductivity and is highly versatile.

Talk to your metal fabrication company today to find the metal you need.