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Guidelines on the Care and Maintenance of Magnets

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You must take good care of your rare-earth magnets. You use them in almost all industries. Types of magnets in the market today include ceramic and samarium cobalt. Magnets are used in audio equipment, jewellery, ATM cards as well as computer hard disks. Rare-earth neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets on the market today. They are also more expensive than other types. Proper care and maintenance will enhance their durability. Here are three fundamental guidelines in the care and maintenance to improve the longevity of magnetite.  


How you store your magnets when they are not in use will determine their durability. Do not place your magnets in moist or wet areas. Water will easily destroy your rare-earth neodymium magnets. Your magnets will start to rust. Magnets rust because they contain iron. When exposed to oxygen and water, iron will rust. Corrosion and rust will affect the strength of a magnet and make it useless. Exposure to moisture will also cause the magnet's laminate to bubble. Store your magnets with keepers to ensure that they do not demagnetize. You should also store your magnets in pairs and ensure that like poles do not touch. If like poles touch, your magnets could lose their strength.  

Temperature and Electricity 

Your rare-earth magnets should serve you for an extended time. To ensure that your magnets have a good return on investment, they need to have their strength for a long time. Having to replace your neodymium magnets every few months is both expensive and inconvenient. High temperatures will affect the power of your magnet. The very high temperature will change the physical and chemical properties of your magnet.  It will lower its strength, making it less useful. Electricity can also damage your magnets. A robust electrical current will disrupt magnetic fields. In so doing, it demagnetizes magnets.  


Rare-earth neodymium magnets are fragile. If you drop them on a hard surface or repeatedly hit them, they will break. Hammering a magnet many times will cause it to lose strength. High levels of pressure and strong vibration will also result in demagnetization. You should be careful when using your magnets so that they do not fall or get caught between massive objects. 


Rare-earth neodymium magnets are durable and powerful. If you make sure to properly care for them, they can serve you indefinitely. Care during use and proper storage will help you achieve this.