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Five Types Of Stickers That Can Make Your Items Pop

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Sticker printing has long been used in advertising as well as in the creation of party invitations and product labelling. If you are looking to get some sticker printing done for you for one of these reasons (or perhaps something else entirely) you may be wondering what type of sticker to get. You may not have realised there are so many different options when it comes to sticker printing and you can customise almost every aspect. Here are five of the most popular sticker types and how they can suit your needs.


Hologram stickers come in many different forms but basically they create an optical illusion of a 3D image on a 2D surface. If you are looking for an x-factor to put in your advertising or on your products in your store then holograms definitely make a statement. They are a little more expensive than more traditional options so keep that in mind when searching for bulk buys.

Metallic Vinyl 

Metallic vinyl stickers come in two main colours: gold and silver. They are made from more durable material than most stickers (polyester) which makes them perfect for more rugged uses. Commonly used in the commercial world as a sticker on products, they last for a long time and have excellent durability.


Clear stickers have an invisible base which allows the writing or image portrayed on them to really pop out. Often used in advertising for creating a more natural look while also being quite the eye-catcher. Not good for darker-toned items as then the whole sticker is practically invisible.


Matte stickers are perhaps the most popular of all in the sticker printing business. They are basic, well known to the public and cheap to produce in large quantities. All these features make them very appealing for large quantities of products but for a more personal or unique touch, they fall flat. If you are looking for bulk that will serve you well you cannot go past matte stickers.


Foil is a relatively new type of sticker (in the scheme of things) but it is also very popular in certain industries so much so it may almost have a monopoly on them. Beauty and fashion products use a lot of foil stickers on their labels and price tags to draw attention to them or match the colour of the item they are selling. Foil stickers are great if you want to be seen in a crowded space.

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