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How to Get the Most from Your Road Line Marking Contractor

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Whether you intend to have a vehicle parking lot or you want to mark up some pavement, picking the right road line marking contractor for your project makes all the difference. Other than ensuring that the company you work with has suitable equipment, it's important to consider the wide range of services they provide and their experience. Below are important questions you should get answers to before hiring a line marking contractor.

Is the company experienced with your type of project?

If a line marking contractor is proficient at painting sports fields, they may struggle to attain accuracy when it comes to handling an airstrip project, and vice versa. Many companies can offer proof of their past projects; this will give you a clear idea of whether a contractor is perfect for your setting or not. Additionally, try to find out if they can handle more niche aspects. For instance, marking helicopter pads is a minor task compared to a commercial runway. Make sure their experience is relevant and specific.

Does the company have suitable vehicles?

Generally, Australian territories vary when it comes to conditions and landscape. This means there aren't standard road line marking vehicles. As you pick a contractor, be sure to confirm whether their vehicles can handle the weather conditions of the territory you live in. Also, find out if they can do tasks like painting centre and edge lines at the same time. Painting these lines separately won't provide symmetry along a road, and that's not recommended.

Can they provide both thermoplastic and paint services?

Both thermoplastic and paint services work with intricate designs, stencils and different colours, letting you attain a bespoke appearance that's aesthetically outstanding. But, although paint is cheaper and ideal for settings like sports fields, it does not last long like its thermoplastic counterpart. Thermoplastic line markings will last longer and are suitable for areas where you cannot afford sudden erosion, like an airfield. Both options have their unique place, and your ability to choose between the two will allow you to identify the most beneficial and safest option for the project.

Can they offer removal services later?

In case your line marking needs changes in the near future, you'll realise it's very easy to hire the same company to make changes. Some services include profile grinding and high-pressure water blasting, both of which are used to remove different types of markings.

Or, if you are interested in buying your own line marking equipment, there are vendors who can help you with that as well.