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Top Benefits of a Portable Ute Crane

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Investing in a ute crane is one of the best decisions you could make as a farmer. It does not matter if you use your ute for commercial or domestic purposes; ute cranes are a great addition because they make hauling loads onto a ute tray easy. Instead of relying on manual effort, ute cranes provide the mechanical advantage needed to help lift heavy loads onto your truck with relative ease. That said, ute cranes come in all manner of designs with the portable type being a beloved of many farmers with ute trays. Why is it the case? This article highlights the top benefits of investing in a portable ute crane. 

Creates Space in the Ute Tray — While there is nothing wrong with permanent ute cranes, the truth is that they take considerable space. It can be a problem for farmers that want to maximise the space on their ute trays. This is the reason why most farmers invest in portable ute cranes. As the name suggests, a mobile ute crane is only installed on an as-needed basis, and when you are done with it, you take it off the ute tray. The benefit is that you get extra space to load a lighter load, and that can go a long way in reducing the number of trips you make around the farm.

Protect the Crane — It is obvious that you are not going to use your ute crane every time you load your truck. As such, you must keep your ute crane in good condition when in storage. However, this is not easy with a permanent ute crane, which remains with you wherever you drive your truck. A portable ute crane, on the other hand, allows you to remove it when not in use, and this goes a long way in protecting the ute crane. For instance, when there is no farm work to do, you can disassemble the ute crane and store it somewhere safe. This protects the equipment from moisture and other external elements that can lead to speedy deterioration. 

Flexible Lifting Options — Although permanent ute cranes can be used to lift loads from any side of the ute tray, the flexibility of portable ute cranes is still unrivalled. This is especially the case if you have two ute cranes with the same arm reach. For example, if you have a load that is heavy and relatively far from the ute tray, you need to move the truck closer to the load. On the other hand, if you have a portable crane, you can easily reposition it to the back of the ute tray without moving the vehicle. The level of flexibility makes loading work easy, especially if you have lots of loads to handle.